Our beliefs and how we move.


We thrive from human connection and aim to surround ourselves with a like-minded collective of storytellers, collaborators and supporters. We want to sit down with you and understand what makes you tick so we can get to the heart of the project.


We are a company where there are no limitations to creativity, the more offbeat the better. We look to exist outside the mould, where originality and authenticity are key.


We want to empower you to share your voice, your creativity and your beliefs. To give you a platform and space to communicate and express your ideas freely.


We want to be the ones beside you every step of the way to see you grow and develop into the greatest version that you can be.

Always first to the front

(and the very best company)

Leading the charge is Shari Hindmarsh, former Senior Publicist at Secret Service PR and Secret Sounds. Shari has driven the growth strategies and executed huge creative campaigns for some of the biggest local and international artists, album releases, tours, festivals and events.

Let's be buds, promise we won't spam the life out of you.
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