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We are a specialist communications collective, working in entertainment, arts & culture, that promote and nurture creative minds. With an understanding that every artist and brand is different, we celebrate and showcase individuality through personalisation and a tailor-made approach to our campaigns.

With ya till the mosh pit...

We work closely alongside our clients to deliver innovative campaigns that authentically reflect their identity. Getting to the heart of every project, we build strong narratives and weave them through a diverse range of media platforms to reach new audiences and markets.  

At Great Company Collective we offer up expertise that includes anything from communications strategies, public relations, copy writing (press releases and bios), radio servicing, profile building, brand strategy, event promotion to image management.

We become a part of our client’s core team and we’re there for the long-haul. Setting short and long-term strategies across all media platforms including TV, print, digital, streaming, commercial and community radio.

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